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Lockdown Blanket Yarn Bundles

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Create a statement blanket or throw using my unique BareFaced Smudge hand painted yarn with my classic base colours.

Each Square is striped with 2 colours and can be bordered with mini Pom Poms or fringe. Each bundle has enough yarn to make either a 80cm x 100cm (large) blanket or a 70cm x 90cm (small). Make your blanket as big or small as your budget or patience will take you.

Find the pattern for the Lockdown Blanket here: 

We’ve bundled up our yarns into 2 sizes and 3 colourways and we have discounted each skein.

Work as a large or small blanket with 3 colour options.

Clotted cream/Nougat

Silver Grey / Burnel

Charcoal Grey/ Tarmachan



(Each square is approx 10cm x 10cm)

LARGE BLANKET 80cm x 100cm - you'll need to make 80 squares = 8 skeins

£152 ( save £12) 

SMALL BLANKET 70cm x 90cm - you'll need to make 63 squares = 6 skeins

£114 ( save £9)